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Many people ask me if I like being a makeup/hair artist. Normally I answer back with a quick "yes", but truthfully that doesn't really cover the half of it. I don't "like" my job, I LOVE IT! Why?...well if you were in my shoes you would know exactly what I meant.
Even though I'm a makeup/hair artist, I wear a variety of other hats in my life as a mother, daughter, sister, wife, artist, teacher, beauty expert and a business woman. All of these elements add a lot of flavor to the mix, so I just thought to myself "you've logged a lot of hours on this interesting journey of yours, so you might as well share the ride". So I am! That will be the only way for you to understand what I love about my profession and why I love living in the moment....


First photo shoot for Icon Fitness July 1st 09

This was my first opportunity to provide my services for Icon Fitness. The photo shoot was for print ads for Dicks Sporting Goods, Costco, Walmart and for box art for the exercise equipment. It was a great (long) day, but it felt cool getting my work out to a company who is so recognized world wide. It was way cool for Icon to see they have great talent right in their home town! Photography by Dunker Imaging, fitness models from Urban Modeling Agency SLC.

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