Sharing the Joy....

Many people ask me if I like being a makeup/hair artist. Normally I answer back with a quick "yes", but truthfully that doesn't really cover the half of it. I don't "like" my job, I LOVE IT! Why?...well if you were in my shoes you would know exactly what I meant.
Even though I'm a makeup/hair artist, I wear a variety of other hats in my life as a mother, daughter, sister, wife, artist, teacher, beauty expert and a business woman. All of these elements add a lot of flavor to the mix, so I just thought to myself "you've logged a lot of hours on this interesting journey of yours, so you might as well share the ride". So I am! That will be the only way for you to understand what I love about my profession and why I love living in the moment....



Steve Mackley with Mackley Designer Portraiture called with interest in my Makeup and Hair Artistry for 28 girls who are all a part of the Skyview Drill Team. For two days my assistant and I did hair and makeup for their personal photo session and team picture. The pictures posted are of the girls who wanted full airbrush makeup and hair artistry. The team picture will be posted soon along with more fun pictures of this fun beautiful group of girls.
Photography- Steve Mackley
Hair- Sarah Hernandez and Carrie Purser
Airbrush Makeup- Carrie Purser

Client Testimonial~ Brittney

Originally I scheduled to get my hair and make-up done through another salon for my wedding. The trial for my make-up left me very disappointed. I felt that if I was going to pay that much for my make-up it should at least be better than what I can do my self. I was upset and after my terrible trial make-up session I canceled my hair and make-up through the salon. I figured it would be better to do my hair and make-up on my own than let anyone at that salon do it. I felt disappointed and worried that I would have to do my hair and make-up on my own. Every Bride deserves to look and feel beautiful on her special day and I was worried I might not be able to do that myself, but I didn't know anyone who knew what they were doing and who was actually a professional. Then one day facebook lead me to wonderful Carrie Purser. I looked over her blog and website and instantly fell in love. She was actually good at hair and make-up and she was a professional. I was so excited!!! I called her and prayed that she had room to fit me in. Thank goodness she is so awesome and make room for me. I loved that way she did my hair and make-up. I felt so flawless and beautiful. I was so happy that I didn't have to worry about doing it all on my own. I knew she would make me look and feel beautiful. I enjoyed working with Carrie and I am so glad that there is actually a professional hair and make-up artist out there.

Thanks Carrie!! You are awesome!




This soon to be bride will be hard for me to do hair and makeup for her wedding day, this young lady is very very close to my heart. More of this beautiful couple coming soon. Photography by


FEATURED BRIDAL SESSION~ Moments By Kellee Photography

It was an early morning calltime to begin hair and makeup for this bridal session in the surrounding beauty of San Diego. Little did I know about the amazing locations that Jocelyn, Justin and Kellee picked out from scouting the area the previous day. I knew Jocelyn would look beautiful, to my surprise with the beauty that San Diego offered this wonderful couple, their pictures turned out absolutely AMAZING (of course the talented Kellee Smith~Moments by Kellee Photography shot them), flowers by Andi Saxton.

FEATURED ENGAGEMENT SESSION~ Moments By Kellee Photography

I had the wonderful opportunity to go out to sunny California to provide hair and makeup for Jocelyn and Justin. We had a ton of fun for three long days, and many laughs were shared. As you can see in the last picture I look like the tourist getting a picture taken with the local folks. Plus the assistant to the photographer, coat holder, shoe carrier and of course my bag of tricks...


Mondays photo shoot at Icon Fitness, doing print work. It is always nice to switch gears and add more avenues to my portfolio. Watch for these clients on box art on equipment for Reebok and Proform.



Carrie is one of the best decisions I made for my wedding. She made the day so much easier- I loved not having to worry about my hair or makeup and just relaxing as she made me look beautiful! I didn't have to worry about my makeup wearing off throughout the busy day. Carrie does an AMAZING job! She really is so great at what she does. I was a little hesitant at first because I don't normally wear much makeup, but Carrie worked with me and I never felt like it was too much- it just made for stunning pictures and feeling beautiful! Carrie was so fun just to talk to and she was genuinely concerned about making the day perfect for me- she offered to help with a few last minute thing and was so sweet to help out. I would highly recommend Carrie to any bride! She will make your day perfect!

Thanks Carrie for all you did! I am so glad I went with you- you are the greatest!

Niki Jones Sealy


A compliment worth mentioning....

I have a client who I can't thank enough for her continued support. During her last appointment she shared with me her dilemma with a recent advertising shoot for her company. She hired an advertising firm to help assist her with the entire production. She hired her talent out of New York who has earned her credibility modeling. So her talent arrives to this small town (a far cry from NYC)! As my client introduces her to the group who is involved with the shoot and then goes over the agenda for the shoot scheduled first thing the next morning. To my clients surprise and disappointment the advertising agent had informed her at the end of business hours that a hair/makeup artist was not in the budget??? Yes, that is when my client freaked out and started calling my phone nonstop (unfortunately I was in mid air returning home from a photo shoot in LA), we never connected. Needless to say my client had to tell the talent that she will have to do her own hair and makeup, the talent tells my client "I did not bring any makeup, nor do I know what to do"? After a very stressful and confusing dilemma, my client had to take the talent to the local Walmart to pick out her makeup and get the needed essentials for tomorrow's photo shoot.
In short my client said she learned a huge lesson and will always have a hair and makeup artist in her budget and will never leave it up to the other company to guarantee and book the artist.
As an artist and in my own thoughts, you always want the job, and feel bad when such a dilemma as this one arises and it had to turn out as it did. It does however make me smile and feel great inside knowing that people do understand the benifits of makeup and hair artistry and realize the importance of it. Never under estimate art....


PHOTOGRAPHER'S RAVE ~Cascio Photography

Even after just one encounter with Carrie's amazing ability in the hair and makeup world I have become addicted! As a photographer, it's easy to see the advantages of her skill. Tonya's skin was flawless, her hair phenomenal! Not only does she present a stunning bride before you to inspire your shoot...she makes the behind the scenes of my job a breeze. I didn't have to spend hours eliminating little imperfections or blemishes! Instead, I got to focus on feeling, color and fun editing styles that really give an image that WOW factor! When she says hair and makeup ARTISTRY, believe it!
Brittany Cascio
Cascio Photography



Have a safe and happy holiday weekend...