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Many people ask me if I like being a makeup/hair artist. Normally I answer back with a quick "yes", but truthfully that doesn't really cover the half of it. I don't "like" my job, I LOVE IT! Why?...well if you were in my shoes you would know exactly what I meant.
Even though I'm a makeup/hair artist, I wear a variety of other hats in my life as a mother, daughter, sister, wife, artist, teacher, beauty expert and a business woman. All of these elements add a lot of flavor to the mix, so I just thought to myself "you've logged a lot of hours on this interesting journey of yours, so you might as well share the ride". So I am! That will be the only way for you to understand what I love about my profession and why I love living in the moment....


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“After all, all we demanded was a right to twinkle.”
― Marilyn Monroe


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 "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. ~Unknown

My Fair Wedding unveiled

My Fair Wedding unveiled

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 "Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are
something to do,
something to love,
and something to hope for."
- Joseph Addison

I could not think of a more fitting quote than that to go with this post. As some may know this bride is truly a special girl and one that is very dear to my heart. At birth she was born with a defected heart so throughout her life she was in and out of the hospital undergoing several surgeries. The most admirable thing about Mandee is she hardly ever complained, even still to this day. She is the strongest, bravest and most caring woman I know. She truly is a gift, an angel.
At the age of 18, just days after graduating high school Mandee got the call to receive a heart. The heart transplant was her only hope. We can all recognize the sadness that goes along with organ donation, but its like a bittersweet- sad and painful for one family to happy and joy for another family. It definitely was an experience I will always remember..pain and joy all expressed at one time. Fortunately, the donor family, (who truly are angels themselves) Mandee and her family have united and now share a beautiful loving happy life together as family. This union could not be more beautiful or blessed!
So as the years went Mandee's biggest hopes and dreams where to find the man who would equal her and live the life she has visioned. This is one gift she is so grateful find true love and get married to the man of her dreams! I was truly honored to be Mandee's hair and makeup artist and share one of the most important days in her life.

 Beautiful Photography by Heather at





Time to catch up...

Wow... what a busy wedding season this year has been so far! I feel like since last March I have been on the constant move from LA to Utah and a few other cities in between (not to mention countries). I will say I feel very blessed to have had such a busy schedule and always so grateful for all the business that comes my way, especially in sharing those special moments with every bride who hires me as her hair & makeup artist. So here I am the end of October 2012 and reflecting upon my year thus far. Fall time is my favorite time of year with October my favorite month because it is my birth month and I love Halloween. I love these moments where I get a little time to myself to reflect back and express my gratitude for the blessings I have. Of course first and foremost my family, they are my rock! My clients who cooperate so well with my crazy schedule, without their patience I don't know where I would be (thank goodness they love to hear all about my adventures to give them something to look forward to on their next appt). The new friends I have met along the way who have given me more reason to smile, your belief means more then you will ever know and to the lasting life long friends, you each are why I am who I am today! This has been a challenging year to experience betrayal and commitment, but also realize the woman I am and my integrity. That poem 'A Season, A Reason, A Lifetime' expresses whole hearted what I feel at the moment. With that being said, I just want to say "THANK YOU" to everyone who has supported my passion as this is truly what I am meant to be doing! Now time to catch up and get some pictures posted of what I have been doing all year...


Featured Wedding Day~ Riley & Amber

When you travel from city to city doing makeup and hair for brides you get the opportunity to see some wonderful scenery. I will say "I feel very blessed to be doing what I do, I truly LOVE my job!" As those who know me well know that I love the city and the ocean, but when you get pictures from one of your brides who captured the heart and beauty of home you feel so blessed to have this sanctuary that touches the soul and reminds you why you're so blessed!
Amber made one stunning bride especially next to the beautiful Wellsville mountains and I love how this beautiful bride kept to her country roots. Simplicity and elegance definitely reflects in Amber. I also love how she included her best friend (her dog :))
Photography by Chavonne Demler

Featured Wedding Day~ Chris & Christy

When I first met Christy it was at a bridal faire, she was one of the first brides who ran to my booth the minute the doors opened. She said to me "I had to book you first". The spirit of this beautiful girl was so warming and contagious. I felt it a true honor to be apart of her special day! When I had the pleasure to meet her mom, I knew instantly where Christy got her liveliness from, they are two peas in a pod! Her wedding day session was captured so intimately as Christy and her mom have had to endure what most of us will hopefully never have to experience. Her mom is a breast cancer survivor but none the less it made this family realize even more how precious life is. Christy spared no moment that she did not have her mom and her family by her side on her wedding day. I love how she had her Mom & her Dad give her away (when you have only one daughter this is how it should be)! The love that this family expresses is as genuine as is can be! Thank you for allowing me to share this moment with each of you.
Photography by Aya Photography