Sharing the Joy....

Many people ask me if I like being a makeup/hair artist. Normally I answer back with a quick "yes", but truthfully that doesn't really cover the half of it. I don't "like" my job, I LOVE IT! Why?...well if you were in my shoes you would know exactly what I meant.
Even though I'm a makeup/hair artist, I wear a variety of other hats in my life as a mother, daughter, sister, wife, artist, teacher, beauty expert and a business woman. All of these elements add a lot of flavor to the mix, so I just thought to myself "you've logged a lot of hours on this interesting journey of yours, so you might as well share the ride". So I am! That will be the only way for you to understand what I love about my profession and why I love living in the moment....



Here are a few of my favorite sites for unique accessories for any special occasion or just because you love being unique!

I hope you enjoy these hard to resist sites....


Client Testimonial~ Julise

The week of my wedding, my mom and I went to visit Carrie with an emergency. We had to find someone to do my hair! As we visited and learned about Carrie's talents, I was amazed and a little wary. I didn't really know what air brushing was, and I am not used to putting on a lot of makeup to begin with. But seeing Carrie's work, I was really impressed.

Choosing to work with Carrie was one of the best decisions I ever made with my wedding! I loved not having to worry about my hair or makeup one little bit. During the time when I was in her chair, Carrie was so patient with me because I kept standing up to look in the mirror, to see the little changes that kept appearing. It was just such a new experience for me, I wanted to see it all! I loved the last time I looked in the mirror. It was still me! I was thrilled that the makeup wasn't too heavy on my face, and it wasn't too different than what I would have done myself. Carrie just made it look so much better, and much more professional. She has a gift with bringing the true beauty out of a bride. The process was fun and relaxing, and the atmosphere was fantastic! I would recommend Carrie to anyone, because she knows how to make a girl feel like the bride she is. She knows well how to create a desired hairstyle, she has the gift of artistry, and also a gift of working with people to make them feel comfortable. I was very happy with my entire experience with Carrie Purser and her colleagues. Thank You Carrie!!!

--Julise J. Nelson


Beautiful Miss Niki, every time I try to talk to her mom about this wedding I begin to cry and we don't get very far with the conversation. Niki's mom and I have been friends for awhile now and she is one woman whom I truly admire and have much respect for, as I mentioned in Niki's engagement post how honored I feel to be Niki's makeup artist for her big day. Niki is the all natural gal who likes to keep her makeup very soft and fresh. It was not difficult to make her anymore beautiful then what she already is! Her mom did her hair for her bridal shoot. The pressure will be on me for Niki's wedding day to create the beautiful style her mom created.
Photography by Izlas Imaging

How to Speak "Hair Dresser"

Yesterday I attended a workshop on bridal hair or the category could also be described as 'red carpet hair styles' for any special event. One thing I see even with artist that are not locally in my area, we all face the same questions and that is do we understand really what the client is saying? So with that interesting thought I came across this article and thought I would share it as I do find it most helpful.
Because there is NO universal language among stylist and the client here is what we hair stylist's think when you try to describe a style to us (the professionals).

Long Layers: This means you want long hair with some layers in it. Very few layers, at that. Your asking for mostly long hair with a couple of inches of layering at the ends. That means your shortest layer is going to be quite long, depending on how long your hair is.

Soft Curls: This usually means hair is curled with a big iron and little hairspray. Depending on the texture of your hair it might not hold, but it will be soft and if the stylist is good, smooth.

Wave: Wave? What kind of Wave? Jessica Simpson style, messy with straight ends? or Veronica Lake style, big and smooth? Get a picture for this one.

Up-Style: (The name in the 21st century for an up-do). Do you want it high at the crown, centered in the back, or low on the nape? That can also mean something to the side. the term up-do has really changed, because girls stopped getting the crunchy -curl (yes its out dated) high and tight look and started going for low and full. An Up-Style means that the hair is up somehow.

Ringlets: This usually means you want a tight, super firm curl all over. Think Shirley Temple. Be careful with this! If you want a Pin-Up style and ask for ringlets, don't get upset when you come out looking like your off to grammar school.

Half-Up: Pretty self explanatory, but be prepared to explain how high you want the party that is pulled up and how much volume you want to see. It can be brought low and loose for romantic, or with tons of volume and high for a modern sexy effect.

No matter how aptly you describe your style, keep in mind that things can always be misinterpreted. A visual aid (s) the more the better, is always the best when trying to explain how you want your hair, or makeup for that matter, to look. Just keep in mind you looking exactly like those visual aids is impossible, you are not that person in the pictures. Your hair texture, density and length is not the same or is your skin tone, eye shape, ect. Look for ideas that best interest you then be open to creating your signature look and style with your personal hair and makeup artist.


FEATURED FORMAL SESSION~ Moments by Kellee Photography

One word....FANCY! This wedding will be a beauty outdoors in the nature of Logan Canyon. Photography by Kellee Smith, Flowers by Ella Bella

FEATURED ENGAGEMENT SESSION~ Moments by Kellee Photography

What a fun couple Lindsey and Aaron are! I have looked forward to this session and her formal session for a minute now. As you can see from Lindsey's before picture how much fun I had with creating her signature hair and makeup artistry. Lindsey's look is soft, sexy yet still fresh with a little hint of girlie girl, hair added hair extensions and soft loose curl. Photography by Kellee Smith,



Ross was so funny the day I met him for he and Jenny's formal session. I have to give a big, big shout out to all the grooms of the brides I am working with this 2010 wedding season for being such GREAT sports! (you grooms know what I am talking about) Jenny and Ross's formal session turned out wonderful, she looks absolutley stunning! Jenny's look for this formal session was polished and elegant, with soft hair to frame her beautiful smile and bright eyes!
Photography by Jessica Smith of Jessica's Photography
Flowers by Ella Bella



Meet Ms. Tonya, and can I just say I am thrilled how awesome her bridal session turned out! I loved working with Tonya because this girl LIKES makeup (hurray) and wasn't afraid of my artisty. Tonya's look for her bridal session was definately enhanced, sophisticated and sexy...with playful but sexy hair to match! BOMBSHELL....
Photography by Brittany Cascio/ Cascio Photography
Flowers by the very talented Ella Bella


FEATURED BRIDAL SESSION~ Moments by Kellee Photography

Can I just say I really LOVE my job, especially when you get to work with someone as beautiful as Cammi. I have so enjoyed being her makeup and hair artist. I can't thank her enough for picking me! Cammi's look for her bridal session was elegant, chic and classy, with soft makeup played up on the eyes and checks. Just all around... BEAUTIFUL! Moments by Kellee Photography


Nkik and Chez...what a good looking couple. I feel so honored to be Niki's makeup artist for her wedding day and pictures. As I am with everyone of my brides. Niki's mother and I work together in a salon, so this job means a lot with the confidence Niki and her mom are showing in me.
Photography by; Eric Richards Izlas Imaging